Branding – BZERO Technologies

Suus Design Portfolio Branding Design for BZERO Technologies

BZERO Technologies BUILDING A BRAND BZERO Technologies is a tech company that offers scalable and modular solutions to help buildings achieve net-zero energy consumption. The company’s mission is to provide energy-saving services to their clients, with a focus on reducing carbon footprint and promoting a greener future. Their clients include Singapore’s DBS Bank and others. […]

Branding – Inspiring Asia

Suus Design Branding Design - Inspiring Asia

Inspiring Asia BUILDING A BRAND With content based in Asia, we delve deep into humanity and matters of the heart, uncover inspiring stories that capture the love, inclusiveness, diligence and dreams of the Asians. Through the theme of “Inspiring Asia”, we continue to promote the spirit, value and strength of Asians to make Asia a […]

Branding – Harmony Piano Studio

Suus Design Portfolio Branding – Harmony Piano Studio

Harmony Piano Studio BUILDING A BRAND Introducing the all-new look for Harmony Piano Studio, Singapore’s premier piano school! Our fresh logo brings a modern twist to classic piano elements with its sleek hand-drawn curves. Notice how the musical staff whole note symbol seamlessly replaces the ‘O’ in our brand name, giving it a unique, modern, […]

Branding – Art For Earth

Suus Design Portfolio Web design- Art for Earth

Art For Earth BUILDING A BRAND Brand Identity Design for Art For Earth,  an organization that collaborates with charities to empower disadvantaged communities through art and art therapy, with a new design. Our approach features cheerful yellow tones, hand-drawn line patterns, and a handwritten font to convey warm and positive energy throughout the visual design. […]

Branding – RESHAPE Fitness

Branding-Reshape Fitness

RESHAPE Fitness BUILDING A BRAND Brand Identity Design for RESHAPE: A modern fitness club that aims to promote a healthy lifestyle through professional courses, personalized fitness programs, and nutrition recommendations. With the slogan “Fitness, Health, and Happiness,” RESHAPE strives to embody its commitment to wellness. In response to the client’s request for a simple, modern, […]

Branding – Li Foundation

Branding Design - Li Foundation

Li Foundation 2022 MUSE Creative Award Gold Winner BUILDING A BRAND Create a dynamic and impactful brand identity for a Singapore-based innovative organization with a new design. Our proposal draws inspiration from sailing and features a logo composed of the letters L, I, and F in the form of two sailboats. The imagery of boats […]

Branding – The Nutty Cow

The Nutty Cow Feature image

The Nutty Cow BUILDING A BRAND Brand Identity Design for The Nutty Cow – A premium, 100% dairy-free ice cream shop that offers homemade non-dairy ice cream made with almond and cashew milk. The fun, playful Gochi Hand font fits the shop’s humorous name, while the use of natural color tones appeals to health-conscious customers. […]

Branding – A.D.A Productions 爱与梦想

Brand Identity Design / Branding / Brand Image / Logo Design for A.D.A Productions

A.D.A Productions 爱与梦想 BUILDING A BRAND Brand Identity Design for A.D.A Productions 爱与梦想: A team of dedicated and talented individuals, who use media arts to capture and tell the emotional stories of ordinary people and families. With a focus on preserving memories and inspiring expressions of love and aspiration, A.D.A Productions transforms these narratives into […]

Branding – Global-Asia Philanthropy Leaders Program

Branding Design: Global-Asia Philanthropy Leaders Program

Global-Asia Philanthropy Leaders Program BUILDING A BRAND Brand Identity Design for Global-Asia Philanthropy Leaders Program: A collaborative effort between The Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy Singapore and Alliance for Good, aimed at creating the Philanthropy Planning and Family Succession Program. The program will bring together the expertise of both organizations to foster the […]

Branding – SGmomo

SGmomo Mochi packaging

SGmomo – Fish Ball Series BUILDING A BRAND Brand Identity Design – A Singaporean company specializing in the production of a wide range of local foods, Momo’s brand identity showcases its signature product through a unique logo design that blends hand-drawn typography of the brand name with a bitten piece of mochi. The packaging design […]


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