Web Design – Harmony Piano Studio

Suus Design Portfolio Web Design – Harmony Piano Studio

Web Design for Harmony Piano Studio BUILDING A WEBSITE Introducing the All-New Harmony Piano Studio Website! Step into a world where tradition meets contemporary sophistication on the newly redesigned Harmony Piano Studio website. As Singapore’s leading piano school, we proudly unveil our refreshed identity, featuring a harmonious color palette of “Beige and Chestnut”. Our modern […]

Web Design – BZERO Technologies

Suus design portfolio- web design for BZERO

Web Design for BZERO Technologies BUILDING A WEBSITE Website design for BZERO Technologies, a tech company that offers scalable and modular solutions to help buildings achieve net-zero energy consumption. The company’s mission is to provide energy-saving services to its clients, with a focus on reducing carbon footprint and promoting a greener future. Their clients include […]

Web Design – Inspiring Asia

Suus design portfolio- web design for Inspiring Asia

Web Design for Inspiring Asia BUILDING A WEBSITE With content based in Asia, we delve deep into humanity and matters of the heart, and uncover inspiring stories that capture the love, inclusiveness, diligence, and dreams of Asians. Through the theme of “Inspiring Asia”, we continue to promote the spirit, value, and strength of Asians to […]

Web Design – Art For Earth

Suus Design Portfolio Web design- Art for Earth

Web Design for Art For Earth BUILDING A WEBSITE Website design for Art For Earth, a non-profit organization that partners with charities to uplift disadvantaged communities through art and therapy. Utilize bright yellow and playful hand-drawn line patterns, illustrations, and child-like drawings to convey warmth and positive energy in the visual design. View the live […]

Web Design – Li Foundation

Branding Design - Li Foundation

Web Design for Li Foundation 2022 MUSE Creative Award Gold Winner BUILDING A WEBSITE Web Design for Li Foundation: a dynamic and innovative organization in Singapore with the mission of “Inspiring and impacting lives”, with a new web design. The design highlights the foundation’s achievements through an eye-catching animated timeline, emphasizes usability with intuitive navigation […]

Web Design – Alliance For Good

web design - Alliance For Good

Web Design for Alliance For Good BUILDING A WEBSITE A Singapore-based consultancy firm that offers philanthropy advisory services to families, foundations, corporations, and financial institutions in Asia. With a focus on modern and professional aesthetics, the website will incorporate Singaporean architectural elements. View the live site here.  Creative Fields Web DesignWeb DevelopmentUI / UX DesignArt DirectionColor / […]

Web Design – 2021 Business and Philanthropy Forum

Web Design - 2021 Business and Philanthropy Forum

Web Design for Alliance For Good BUILDING A WEBSITE Web Design for the 2021 Business and Philanthropy Forum: The fifth annual convention, organized by Alliance for Good, brought together over 200 attendees, 100 guest speakers from around the world, and 20+ expert-led masterclasses to drive the global impact agenda. The hybrid main conference, held on December […]


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